December has been an excited month at Lex Adventures jam-packed with events and it’s not over yet.

New Equipment
One of the things I am most excited about is the native-indian 500ml aluminum mug I found at KR Market. At Rs70 you can’t beat this price for a key piece of your personal camping cook set. No more “2 campers 1 cup”! We also have the 300ml Quechua aluminum cup with rounded lip and folding handles for Rs310. Join us on a trek to see them in action side-by-side and then take one home with you.

Lex’s special Traveler’s Oil is now available in 50ml bottles for Rs100. Great as a massage oil for all those post-trek aches, body odor and fungus fighter during the trek, general insect repellent and most importantly a highly effective mosquito repellent. This all-natural mixture of essential oils is something I have kept with me for years and now I am sharing it with you.

Where Lex comes from a traditional way of floating down a river is on an inner tube from a big tractor. And now we have 3 of them to enhance our water sporting fun. As well as 2 new life jackets.

Slacklining is a great way to build balance and confidence no matter what kind of trail life throws at you. Now you can come slacklining with us.


Most of our advertising effort has gone into the unknowable labyrinth facebook’s social network, and not without success. We now have over 400 page likes, 10 reviews, and our picture of garbage cleanup has gone viral with 20,000 views and climbing. Check it out:

Upcoming events

Treasure Hunt Trek 5 is coming up on December 26th and 27th

Carina’s birthday party is on December 27th in HRS layout with an Electro Swing theme, karaoke, cake, drinks, and games. Only 10 invites available through Lex Adventures. Email Lex for more details and an invite

New Years Eve – We are doing something! We don’t know what yet, but we have secured a venue at a private estate outside Bangalore. Probably a BBQ with games, rappelling, slacklining climbing, and a midnight toast. This will hopefully be the site of future large-scale environmental rehabilitation projects. Again, email Lex if you want to be involved.

Under25 Summit, Lex will be speaking at World Trade Center, Bangalore on Sunday January 10th

How can you help? We need contacts, team members, and word-of-mouth.

We are trying to set up a monthly slacklining + spotfixing event in Bangalore, preferably at Lalbagh, but we need a personal contact to set us up with getting permission. Do you know someone who works at a high-traffic venue that could be used for slacklining and is in need of cleaning up? Let us know.

We are looking for a video editor and a web editor. We have no money to offer them but if they can do minimally decent work on a minimally decent schedule we will worship the ground they walk on and they will join all our events for free. We can even customize our events to fit their desires and schedules. Anything they want. Except money, we don’t have any either 😦

Reddit manager. We want one. People keep suggesting I post my events in Reddit groups but I know nothing about Reddit and I am already swamped. Someone who knows the intricacies of Reddit Bangalore, can keep in contact with me via IM, and basically just copy stuff from our facebook page and publish it to Reddit.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:
Wednesday 9.12 8pm Free(ish)
meet and greet, learn knots
Thursday 10.12 All Day Rs50
tentatively scheduled Intro to Rappelling class at Bhive HSR layout (waiting for the final green light from management)
Saturday 12.12 7am till Sunday 13.12 Noon Rs1200
THT sAm4
Saturday 19.12 7am till Sunday 20.12 Noon Rs500 (return journey not included, keep Rs50 in cash on you!)
Super Budget Camping: short trek, camp building, lunch, swimming, dinner, camp fire, breakfast, take yourself home. FB Event coming soon
Saturday 19.12 7pm till Sunday 20.12 7pm Rs2000
Luxury motorcycle tour and adventure trek in association with Wicked Ride – Luxury Bike Rentals
Rent a Royal Enfield (or upgrade to a Harley) night driving, dinner around the camp fire, sleep in tent, short trek and rappelling, then long scenic ride back to Bangalore. FB Event coming soon
Saturday 26.12 7am till Sunday 27.12 Noon Rs1300
THT sAm5 FB Event coming soon