our fourth Treasure Hunt Trek is on for 12-13 December 2015
-or- http://www.meetup.com/Expeditions/events/227035333/
Price of THT is going up to Rs1200 (and will continue to go up as we develop it and add more sports, so join early and join again later!) From now on it will also include a small piece of trekking equipment or supplies as a gift to participants and an additional cash prize for the winning team (Rs50*number of participants).

A good friend invited Lex to join the admin team at http://www.meetup.com/Expeditions to help them offer more quality events around Karnataka, get more reviews, expand their membership from  ~2,900 to +10,000, and then put pressure on event hosts to increase quality and transparency (or GTFO). If you have any questions about getting your adventure sport or nature events listed there don’t hesitate to contact me.

We sell gear! Usually used gear. Our price is usually the same price as buying it new at the store plus Rs11 handling fee (because after we sell it we just have to go buy a new one). With us you get a chance to try it out first on a real trek, compare it to a number of different solutions (we maintain a diverse set of gear), talk with peers and experts about the pros, cons, and value, and then make a purchasing decision. Supporting us in this way helps us lower our risks (gear wearing out, getting damaged or lost is by far our biggest expense, funny how things get taken care of better when people own it themselves) and support our educational and environmental efforts all while building up your ability to show up for any trek and have a great time. Let us know what you are interested in. We have nearly everything, and go shopping for new gear all the time. Want to buy it new? We totally understand. We will still offer all our participants the chance to learn about gear and even offer advice on good places to buy it. Selling gear is not our main business and we don’t want it to be! Trekking should be more about knowledge and fitness than gear.

We are happy to welcome Joshi and Nihal to the team as volunteer guides. Their enthusiasm, helpfulness, and thirst for knowledge has us excited to work with them!


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