Treasure Hunt Trek 28 Nov

Treasure Hunt Trek 28 Nov

Our 3rd “A-series” THT. Start changed to 7am.
location secret; see picture
check out the facebook event listing if you would like to see who else is going

Rs 1000 per person
includes transport, food, tent, instruction, guides, rappelling equipment, other safety equipment

A “simulated” survival training trek suitable for all skill levels. Small encounters with a variety of trekking obstacles will happen within a small area under the oversight of guides and within cell phone coverage. Participants can safely quit at any time. Learn and practice trekking and camping skills in a fun group environment with minimal time spent in transport.

Small teams will compete (each team has it’s own, unique journey of equal length and difficulty) or maybe even work together, or try to sabotage each other, it is up to them, but good sportsmanship and safety are required. Each team is 2-4 people and needs at least one swimmer and one climber. It is also advantageous to have someone very tall, someone very small, someone very strong, and someone very quick. Register as a team or meet someone there.

Itinerary (subject to change):
7:00AM meet at KR Market Kalasipalya Bus Stand
7:30 – breakfast sandwiches on the bus
9:00 – arrive at village, buy cold drinks and snacks if you like
9:15 – Treasure Hunt orientation
9:30 – rappelling instruction and practice
10:00 – treasure hunt begins by rappelling into a small gorge
11:00 – back country water purification instruction
12:00 – fresh cooked lunch
15:00 – raft building and exploring the sunken temple
19:00 – fresh cooked dinner, campfire
6am – hot breakfast
8:00 – cleanup drive and pack out
10:00 – catch the bus
12:00 – arrive back at KR Market

To ensure a safe and fun event group size is limited. You must register and prepay 50% (via bank transfer or arrange a meeting to pay cash) by Wednesday 25th November to reserve your spot. Lots of information is available in the Registration form, check it out:

Map of meeting point (Kalasipalya Bus Depot, 1 block from KR Market)

A lovely review by Carina of the last THT.
“It felt so good to just reconnect with nature…”

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  1. Bhanu · November 19, 2015

    Hi, By when is the last date that we can confirm for this? Also if we have a group of our own, can we arrange for a different date?



    • Lex · November 19, 2015

      You must prepay by Wednesday 25 November to reserve your spot for this event. In general we require 50% prepayment +48 hours in advance for an itinerary like this. For a more complicated itinerary the requirements might be higher.

      You can definitely book a private event and pick your own date. Minimum fee for a private group would be 10,000. Per person charges would be set as per your requirements.


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