newsletter is active

You can sign up for it here: It should be the easiest and most reliable way to stay informed about upcoming events with about 1 email per week.

There’s a link to it on the about page and the sidebar of but it doesn’t seem possible to actually embed it on the site. Integrating the newsletter with the facebook seems to be totally broken from both ends (I assume facebook is to blame). I’ll have to take a stab at it again some other time, for the time being I will just have to include the link with all my update. All social links to google+ appear to be broken again and previously cross-posted items have disappeared. And now I’ve wasted an entire day fighting, mostly in circles, with web technology in general instead of actually posting the upcoming event details. I think it’s time to cook dinner…

If there is a competent web developer in Bangalore who wants to trade services with me I will worship the ground you walk on. You will go on on my treks for free and use all the nicest gear. I’ll make sure you get all the photographs you want (of yourself? of the nature? whatever floats your boat). You get a climbing gym membership. I’ll train you for climbing, trekking, camping, swimming, sailing, hitch hiking, travelling, crafting, cooking, etc etc. I’ll give you foot massages and serve you coffee while you code. There has got to be a web dev somewhere in Bangalore who wishes he could get out in nature more and live a life of adventure and excitement. This is your chance. I am desperate. Contact me.


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